Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Damage Reported With Stylus Mistake

People who make a mistake with the stylus of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 may find themselves buying a new device. Reports have surfaced that putting the stylus in the device upside down can cause significant, possibly irreparable damage to the device. No figures have been released saying how many device owners this has happened […]

Airbus Applies For Patent For Hypersonic Jet (FRA:AIR)

Airbus Group has announced that is developing a new hypersonic passenger jet and has filed for a patent on the aircraft. The European aircraft manufacturer described the technology in the patent application as an “ultra-rapid air vehicle and related method of aerial locomotion.” The patent application has already been approved by the U.S. Patent and […]

Twitter Teaming Up With HackerOne To Protect Systems (NYSE:TWTR)

Twitter has teamed up with security startup HackerOne to find and correct flaws in its systems that could be exploited by malicious hackers. The company has signed agreements with a number of prominent companies besides Twitter, including Yahoo, Square, banks, and oil companies. The company makes its money by taking a 20 percent commission on […]

China’s Alibaba and Xiaomi Partnering on Wireless Payments for Wearables

The largest domestic brand of smartphone in China, Xiaomi will partner with Alipay a subsidiary of Alibaba to create wearables that are payment devices, announced Xiaomi on Thursday. The new partnership has the goal of creating wearable devices that link to the identity of the user so they are able to make payments with the […]

Google To Stop Selling Google Glass

Google has announced that it is withdrawing Google Glass from sale starting Monday. The “Explorer” edition of the high-tech specs have been sold for $1,500 apiece for nearly a year now. A new version of Glass is expected to be released later this year and Tony Fadell from Nest will apparently be in charge of […]

Ford Sync – Getting a Third Chance

Back in 2007 when Ford Sync was first introduced, it was groundbreaking technology. This was the first largely software-based infotainment system that could be updated easily while letting owners add additional purchased features. In addition, this was the first system of its kind designed to integrate with different portable device and the first time that […]

Dual Screen Phone Launches in the United Kingdom

As mobile device makers are becoming more and more competitive, the second generation YotaPhone is stepping up and making waves. This phone is being launched in the United Kingdom and designed with a larger screen, more powerful processer, and a full, touch e-ink display. Yota Devices is manufactured by a Russian smartphone maker, which is […]

Sony Selling 20th Century Anniversary Grey PlayStation 4

On December 3, 1994, the original PlayStation was unveiled in Japan to the delight of millions of gaming enthusiasts. Over the years, several newer versions of PlayStation have been launched, each more successful than the one before. Now, Sony will offer a limited edition PlayStation 4 that is sold with the original grey finish reminiscent […]

Amazon’s 15,000-Strong Robot Army Ready for Shoppers

As reported by Amazon, over 15,000 specially designed wheeled robots will begin working warehouse floors and assist in getting toys, books, and other products to employees. In addition to these robots being a huge assistance for yesterday’s Cyber Monday shopping, they will continue to benefit throughout the holiday quarter. One year ago, items were hand-picked […]

Google Glass with Intel May be Coming in 2015

While not yet confirmed, there are rumors that Google Glass is splitting away from Texas Instruments and joining Intel sometime in 2015. Reportedly, Intel is a reputable supplier of chips and will soon take over Google Glass. If it is true that the Santa Clara based company replaces Texas Instrument, it would give Intel a […]

New York City to Modify Payphone Concept with Wi-Fi Hub

As part of a $200 million project, the first new superfast Wi-Fi hubs are expected to show up in New York City by late 2015, replacing the out-of-date payphone. The plan is for New York to become the biggest and fastest free municipal Wi-Fi network in the entire world. Today, city leaders revealed the plan […]

BlackBerry and Samsung Link Up for Mobile Business Market

In an announcement, BlackBerry and Samsung are joining forces to market the combined companies’ phone management services but also to better position themselves to complete against Apple and International Business Machines Corporation (IBM). In light of the news, shares of BlackBerry increased by 4.4% to $11.76 per share, the highest mid-day trading since August of […]

iPhone Secret: 12 Employee Only Applications Revealed

At the Apple iOS App Store, consumers have access to roughly 1.3 million applications that range from music streaming to news apps and just about everything in between. However, it was revealed that there are actually 12 hidden applications available only to employees of Apple. While some of the secret employee applications are not as […]

Cyborg Cockroach Uses Sound to Find Disaster Survivors

Researchers at North Carolina State University developed a method of finding disaster survivors using cockroaches. With a circuit board connected to a bug’s brain, various sounds to include human voices are picked up. These and other researchers are excited with the result of the experiment and believe that one day, cyborg cockroaches will save lives. […]

Osama Bedier: Former Executive at Google Unveils Payment Terminals

The former Google Wallet chief, Osama Bedier, started his own payment company that is set to compete with the likes of Verifone Systems Inc and an array of payment startups. Bedier’s company, Poynt Co. will start today taking pre-orders for its payment terminals that accept mobile and credit card payments in stores. The terminals will […]

Microsoft Slashing Price of Xbox One

Microsoft previously announced that it was cutting the price of its Xbox 1, which is still not even a year old. That time the software giant cut the price by $100 when the Kinect camera accessory was removed. Now, another $50 is being cut off, as the holiday shopping season inches closer. The company hopes […]

Kindle Voyage One of the Best

The different Amazon Kindles have for a long time been the most popular of e-book readers available, but it does not means they always have been the best from a standpoint of technology. Amazon was beaten by Barnes & Noble to the punch when it came to a front light and Amazon was eclipsed by […]

Google Profit Increases but Not All Is Golden

Google is earning money in large amounts, but Thursday afternoon in its latest earnings report signs appeared that its search advertising ultra profitable business could be slowing down. Although the company’s revenue during the recently ended third quarter was up 20% from the same three months of last year, the average price or cost per […]