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Comcast Cable Bundles Can Be Purchased Through Amazon

Comcast and Amazon have started a groundbreaking partnership by making Comcast’s Xfinity television, phone and Internet services, all available for online purchase. The feature, which is exclusive to just Amazon users, comes equipped with its own landing page complete with customer service. With the steady effort of the cable company in improving its customer service […]

Amazon Sees Sales Surge, but Profit Comes Up Short

Amazon expected to be the runaway winner of the holiday shopping season, instead it strolled but did not run. Revenue for the e-commerce giants during the fourth quarter was less than was expected, reported the company based in Seattle, Washington on Thursday. It turned out that its profit was even less. Wall Street responded negatively […]

Amazon Is Having A Very Happy Holiday Season (NASDAQ:AMZN)

In keeping with its annual tradition, Amazon issued a post-holiday news release featuring cherry-picked growth stats about the company’s performance. Amazon described its performance as a “record-breaking holiday.” The report started, “Amazon’s 21st holiday was a record-breaker for Amazon Prime, Amazon Original Series and Amazon devices.” Amazon reported that Amazon Prime, the company’s $99-a-year loyalty […]

Amazon Going After Bogus Reviewers (AMZN)

Amazon has filed a lawsuit against four websites in Superior Court in Seattle’s King County for allegedly publishing fraudulent product reviews on its website. The move is a first for Amazon, even though the company has long been plagued by phony reviews and has spent a considerable amount of time, money, and energy finding them […]

Amazon’s 15,000-Strong Robot Army Ready for Shoppers

As reported by Amazon, over 15,000 specially designed wheeled robots will begin working warehouse floors and assist in getting toys, books, and other products to employees. In addition to these robots being a huge assistance for yesterday’s Cyber Monday shopping, they will continue to benefit throughout the holiday quarter. One year ago, items were hand-picked […]

Amazon’s Black Friday Starts on Saturday November 1 said it was kicking of its shopping season for the holidays on November 1. On Saturday, it will launch a number of Black Friday offers as it attempts to juice up its sales for the important last quarter of the calendar year. The company said it would be offering two deals per day from […]

Amazon Low 3rd Quarter Results and 4th Quarter Expectations

Despite the upcoming holiday season, Amazon reported disappointing third quarter results and low expectations for fourth quarter profits, this as shares of dropped more than 8% in Friday’s trading. As a result, top analysts now question if Jeff Bezos, company CEO can turn things around. Based on Friday’s plunge, Amazon is now down 28% […]

Kindle Voyage One of the Best

The different Amazon Kindles have for a long time been the most popular of e-book readers available, but it does not means they always have been the best from a standpoint of technology. Amazon was beaten by Barnes & Noble to the punch when it came to a front light and Amazon was eclipsed by […]